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Welcome to the Wiki, the knowledge and lore database for the world in which this tale takes place. Here, I have listed some general knowledge to get you started. I’ve attempted to provide the appropriate information to allow you to branch off into many different topics that go deeper into the lore.

Nonlinear Timeline, Gravitational Fluctuations, Instability in Matter and Energy…

Aethern is the province that blankets a small continent that sits in the very spot where the Four Oceans of the Outer Lands (the Kiirshkontic, the Qhuorantic, the Greying Gold, and the Ghastlantic) touch corners.

This continent is known as Hek’rOh, named by the ancient tribes of Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls that first inhabited the land. The name was discovered in an ancient Goblin Scribe-Tower that was unearthed in an expedition in the Second Era. The scrolls recovered stated that Hek’rOh was the birth name that was gifted to the continent by the All-Voids before time existed.

Hek’rOh is one of the many continents that cover the surface of the planet Salurn, a torus shaped planet with three moons. Friiths orbits the through the center of the planet, Mascunda’s orbit follows the equator of the plant, and Tassi stays stationary above the center of the planet.
Tassi is locked in position above the planet for unknown reasons. The most accepted theory is that the God in Flesh, Lulkhun, cut the heart of the All-Void from it’s cavity and buried it on that specific moon. This event is known as “The Unbinding of The All-Chains” and it is a major event in the history of Salurn.

Due to it’s torus shape and it’s shear size, Salurn has a very wide variety of exotic environments, unique and dangerous biomes, and a multitude of extraordinary anomalies. Some Continents endure everlasting night while others endure everlasting day, the seasons change rapidly all across the planet and instabilities in it’s very being birth strange occurrences frequently across the every known piece of land and sea. From instabilities in the gravity of some areas to continents that are only inhabitable by demons or beings made of pure energy or even sentient beings that can adopt the physical qualities of whatever substance they come in contact with.

Hek’rOh is one of the more inhabitable and less unpredictable parts of Salurn, it’s located in just the right spot above the equator, on just the right curve of the planet so that it has relatively normal seasons and day to night cycles. While it’s location is nearly perfect for an earth-like standard of environment, the gravity is increased nearly three times as much in the ring it inhabits than anywhere else on Salurn. The inhabitants have adapted to the higher gravity, when they travel to other lands with lower gravity they exhibit immense strength.

Another anomaly of Salurn is it’s relationship with Time. The symbiosis of Salurn and the All-Void’s Time is chaotic and nonlinear. According the Lulkhun, time was not always so sporadic, time was linear and consistent but whatever disrupted this relationship caused the linearity of time to fluctuate and inevitably tear itself apart. Time can be perceived as linear and ever progressive and typically is by every being on Salurn, but warps have happened and will never cease. These warps don’t necessarily undo everything that has been done, they instead bring complicated paradoxes to life and cause event collisions that result in conflicting histories, never ending wars, the destruction and duplication and creation of one single artifact all at one time, and the extinction and birth of animals and plants and societies and races.

Gods and Gods In Flesh and The All-Void

There is an infinite amount of faiths on Salurn as a whole, some are more accepted than others and some are outright denounced by everyone bar a few individuals. Religious beliefs vary widely throughout the planet, but the unique thing about Salurn is that it’s gods typically make themselves known. Most gods will interact with mortals or appear in a tangible form before their followers. Some remain silent and guide their followers without them ever knowing they had interfered.

Lulkhun is the most prominent god on Salurn of this current era. He is the God In Flesh and walks among mortals for an infinite amount of time, he never tires of his tangible body, he never retreats to whatever plane the gods inhabit. This god remains in mortal form despite the possibility of suffering death like any other mortal. The Scribe-Sword Perception is the dominant religion, it follows the teachings of Lulkhun who teaches the Replete-Hunger-Temper of a Scholar and the Contradicting-Corroborate-Thought of a Swordsman.

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